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About R6 Credits

R6 Credits are the optional currency that can be purchased in game. R6 Credits can be used to buy Renown Boosters, allowing you to generate Renown at a faster rate. R6 credits can also be used to purchase a select few premium weapon skins. Finally, they can also be used to unlock new operators instead of using Renown. 

Notice: For same account, you only can buy 600 R6 credits max in 7-10 days, to insure the speed of delivery, please cancel the 2-step verification, any question we will contact you by email, please keep an eye on your mailbox.

For buying 7560+ r6 credits, please make sure you didn't purchase or click anything from in-game Ubisoft Store since the latest game updated, it's not only about rainbow six siege, but also for any Ubisoft games.

And if you can't top up this time, don't worry, the Ubisoft Store may will be reset when it's updated, so just wait for the next game update and don't click in-game purchase.

We're also offering other Digital Content & cheap new account with r6 credits preloaded, if you want to customise account, feel free to contact us via live chat.